5 Shoulder Exercises to Boost Muscle Mass

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  1. Another great article David, well done. I just want to add that fellow “insiders” ought to ease into the military press as far as weight is concerned if they are just gettin familiar with this exercise. It can put a great deal of strain in an awkward position if you go to heavy too soon. I sustained a minor injury in the past from making this mistake…. The military barbell press is now one of my strongest lifts, thanks to working smarter, not unnecessarily harder.
    Looking forward to more GSI posts!

    • Thanks for the awesome feedback John. I would never suggest that somebody who is just starting out go “pedal to the metal” right off the bat because the opportunity for injury is much greater. When you put a high level of stress on unconditioned muscles you’re likely to acquire an injury or you’ll be so sore for the next 3 days that you won’t lift again for a few months. This does not help you at all. So remember to always lift smarter before lifting harder.

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