Arm Exercises to Include Into Your Bodybuilding Routine

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    • Ok So im young, and want to be stronger for baabesll and basketball but i allready have a big bulky build .i want to become strong WHILE gaining as little muscle as possible because i have so many more years to grow and build muscle (im 14) what are ,my options for working out? Ive lifted during the winter but think for the summer im going to do push ups, pull ups, resistant band exercises, and train with a punching bag are those helpfull in strength training?

      • Why would you want to get strong while gaining as little muscle as possible? Makes no sense. If you’re strength training you are going to gain muscle. Create a solid work ethic now and it will carry over with your training when you are older and more developed.

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    • Thank you for the kind words. Stick around, we have wuite a bit a new features & content on the way!

  2. hey man i realised you anwser your subscribers comments which is great,i wanna get ripped and i have been doing like 100 chin ups a day, 30 bicep curls on each arm with a 7.5kg weight and sometimes a bit of bench pressing..(16 in july this year btw)i can do 12 reps of 40kg(bench)however now it hurts doing all of these things because of my elbows. i’m not too sure what the problem is man it’s been liek this for a few months now. i’m getting like 60g of protien and i weigh 62kg. got any advice?

    • It’s great that you are so active and interested with your fitness. I appreciate you for dropping a line.
      However, if you are in pain and think something is wrong, you need to consult your doctor!

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