Official New Mood Review

New Mood onnit home

Onnit Labs is out with a great new product called New Mood with 5-HTP. For approximately $21, you can get 30 vegetable caps. A month’s supply of mood-boosting power can be yours for less than a buck a day. That’s great value, considering the boost in productivity, confidence, joy, and happiness that you may get […]

7 Best Muscle Building Exercises

Jared Cleans

When it comes to getting fit the goal of almost everyone is to build muscle.¬†Unfortunately, many people struggle with how to begin building muscles. When creating a workout there are several exercises that should be a part of your routine if you want to build a solid amount of lean mass. However, it’s important to […]

What is the Optimal Training Volume to Build Muscle?

Optimal Training Volume

Here’s a question that many of my more advanced trainees / gym rats will often ask me around spring time – “What’s the optimal training volume to build muscle?” Even though everyone is trying to get some fat loss in before the end of the summer season, most people would also like to gain muscle […]

Can You Gain Muscle Without Getting Fat?

Brandon Lilly Puffy Muscle

“I’m trying to bulk up but I don’t want to get fat, what can I do?” One question that many people have for me is whether or not they can gain muscle without getting fat. Anyone can lift weights and eat a ton for several months, but the result is always going to be the […]

How Often Should You Train Each Muscle Group?

Volume Resistance Training

When a person is looking to bulk up their muscles, a question they will often ask is, “How often should you train each muscle group?” While most people understand that the rest period is important for the healing of their muscles and the breaks allow the muscle fibers to continue to grow stronger, most people […]

Official Shroom Tech Review


Shroom Tech Sport is an energy supplement offered by Onnit. According to the company website the idea behind the supplement was to create a supplement for athletes that was safe enough to use every day, even during the day of their competition. The company states that they were “looking to create a supplement to provide […]

Does Swimming Build Muscle?

Swimming muscle

If you can complete each stroke for an equal amount of time, butterfly is going to be the best choice for building muscle and burning fat. The butterfly stroke burns the most calories, but is also the most difficult to perform correctly. It also is the swimming stroke that requires the most muscle power, which […]

Is A Pump Needed To Build Muscle?


There are some people that believe having a good pump is required if you truly want to build muscle. However, there are others that say the exact opposite. Won’t you get a pump from training regardless? Take a look at any popular preworkout supplement that you can find. You’ll notice that a key selling point […]

Natural Muscle Building – Stop Relying On Supplements


If you are tired of being called the skinny guy it’s time to start gaining some natural muscle. Here are some great tips to build muscle NATURALLY and force your friends to find a new nickname for you. No matter what type of training you’re doing, keep the workout to an hour or less. Work […]

Official Alpha Brain Review – Are Nootropics Complete Nonsense?


Alpha Brain is a supplement that is offered by Onnit Labs. The company describes the product as a balanced nootropic. Huperzia, GPC choline, and Serrata are used to maximize the acetylcholine levels and other ingredients help elevate dopamine and GABA levels of the body. These are all crucial components needed to remain focused, calm, and […]