Improving Your Body With Core Strength Training

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  1. I appreciate the fact that you mentioned lat pulldowns for core strength. Most people wouldn’t mention that becuase it is not a mainstream bit of info. But the fact is lat pull downs aregreat for building core strength. Keep bringing solid info to the table Dave!

    • You hit the nail on the head Frank. Lat pulldowns are not widely regarded as a core strength exercise even though the lats play a large roll with your upper body stability as well as your overall core strength. Thanks for the feedback my friend!

  2. Nice article. The Russian twist is an amazing core workout. I highly recommend! I like to do them with my feet off of the ground as I feel it works better.

    • Thanks for the feedback John. I completely agree with you, the russian twist is awesome for your core. I’d say that you may benefit by keeping your feet on the ground when you’re first starting out with this exercise. With that said, I also execute the Russian Twist with my feet somewhere between 6-15 inches off of the ground.. See ya around the site.


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