Quick Weight Gain Solution

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    • As far as weight gain goes, I would recommend first and foremost eating properly beofore resorting to powders.

      No, I do not recommend Mammoth 2500. As a matter of fact I would never recommend anybody take Mammoth simply based off of it’s sugar content. It has almost 100g of sugar per serving. That is extremely excessive.

      Get a protein or “weight-gain” supplement that is pure protein and add that to your meals & in between meals. Whenever you up your protein intake, be sure to increase your water intake as well. Your kidneys will be processing all of that protein and you don’t want to miss out on training because of stones down the road.

      Try MAXPRO Advanced Multi-Source protein. (my favorite flavor is the cinnamon roll.) It is very high quality and the nutrition facts per scoop are as follows:

      Sodium- 100mg
      Potassium- 200mg
      Total Carb- 2g

      Or try Healthy N Fit’s 100% Egg Protein

      It digests very quickly and tastes great!

      Nutrition Facts Per Scoop:
      Sugar-0g (sweetened with Stevia)

      If you insist on something with higher calories, look into adding fruit, 2% or whole milk to your regular protein shakes and/or the protein powders that I mention above.

      Hope it helps,


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