Six Basic Keys to Successful Bodybuilding

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    • Sometimes going through the motions of getting ready for the gym is all it really takes for me to get totally juiced for my training. Thanks for the feedback Rigby.

      • nice post, you should do more for your chest. Your arms are huge ,but your chest not,you need a full chest to look coltmeply satisfied.

  1. Solid info!!…Ive read it before in Arnolds encyclopedia an One More Rep!!…My prollem is the discipline on meals…Ive bn workout six days a week for maintaining purpose only…Now im bk on da weights wit far less cardio den before…Gunna hit’em hard for about three months den light weight again for da summer…But again, i enjoy ur page an keep up da good work cuz im rite next to ya workin jus da same!!…;-)

    • Right on Jo-Jo! The whole meal thing starts at the grocery store. Make sure you’re shopping for healthy choices but not sacrifincg flavor and creativity. I know, I know “David how can I eat healthy without sacrificing flavor and creativity?” At first this may seem tough (due to mental conditioning) but you will find a new menu of items that suits all of your health and fitness needs & you will have no trouble sticking to it. Remember, it’s more of a lifestyle change not a diet.
      I appreciate your feedback!

      Keep training hard,


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