5 Steps To Create An Effective Muscle Building Program

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  1. The ego is the biggest obstacle for me. It’s hard not to feel inferior with dudes moving big weights all over the place with hotties running on the treadmills which are staring directly at the weights….

    But when I look around and see all the “shit” form everywhere I realized that thoe “big” guys are mostly ego with little form, knowledge, chicken legs, and cell phones in hands.

    I am not worried about these characters or anybody for that matter outshining me. I just been doin me at my own pace and I loving the results so far. THis is my second week of lifting light and I finally see some new gains!

    Great article!


  2. Great article bro. As far as specificity & variety goes, would yuo still suggest the full body routines (upper body push, upperbody pul & a compound lower extremity as per your previous article on training splits?

    • Thanks for the feedback Franky. Absolutely, if you’re looking to put on mass and strength in a relatively short period of time, then the full body route is the way to go. Once your tolerance is build a bit, try 2 upper body pull, 2 upper body push, et cetera. Continue to increase the intensity as you go along and truly discover what you’re made of.

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