Meal Planning Ideas For Lean Muscle [Part 2]

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    • Here’s the thing, body types will always vary from person to person. This has a lot to do with genetics, lifestyle, training habits et cetera. With that being said, if you are training hard or an athlete for that matter, I do advocate for many meals per day. 6 Seems to be the magic number for many top athletes.
      However, I personally tend to focus on 3 squares myself, and mix in 2-3 healthy high protein snacks throughout my day. Some, will argue that I’m still eating 6 meals, but it really just depends on how you look at it.

      We’ll use today as an example.

      For Breakfast I had:
      4 scrambled eggs
      2 pieces of organic wheat toast
      a protein shake
      half cup of almonds and an apple.

      That’s a hearty meal!

      2 hours later I drank a liter of water and
      had a supreme protein bar(not my first choice but it’s what was available) for a snack.

      2 hours after this:

      Lunch time
      I ate 2 cups (cooked) of brown rice
      a chicken breast (diced)
      with onions,
      bamboo chutes,
      green peas,
      watercress and drank another liter of water.

      2 hours later it was snacktime again…

      Can of tuna packed in water and
      half a pack (single tube) of whole wheat ritz. No sauces
      Slammed a liter of water

      2 hours after this I ate dinner prior to resonding to this comment and just after finishing up my training.

      Here’s what I had…

      1.5 cups of lentils
      2 boiled chicken breasts
      A salad with carrots, onions, jalepenos, tomato, bell pepper, broccoli and raddish. No sauce tonight.
      Tall glass of milk
      2 Tall glasses of water.

      I’m already feeling hungry and I’m about to make a protein shake.

      What are your 3 meals looking like & how about your training habits?




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