Strength Training Exposed

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  1. Yea, your muscles grow when you recovering, but you don’t have anything to recover from without a hard workout. Good article.

    • Agreed, without a hard workout your muscles won’t have anyting to recover from. However, if your “recovery habits” are to train hard, eat like shit, and get very little sleep you won’t have impressive gains if any at all. You certainly wouldn’t be healthy. With that said, if your recovery efforts are garbage, your hard workout doesn’t mean 2 squirts of piss. I suppose they (training hard & recovering hard) will always go hand in hand… Right on brotha, thanks for the feedback.

    • Self control is huge! However, without an established foundation & understanding of your training, you won’t have anything to stick to or reference.
      You can have all the self control in the world, but without any knowledge or experience with your training endeavors you risk spinning your wheels and not accomplishing anything.

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