Top 10 Meal Replacement Powders

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  1. I agree with Hemp Force being at the top. This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever had. and like Joe Rogan said, NO GAS!

    • Right on Eddie! It definitely takes the top spot. Seriously, no gas is a huge plus for me as well. We train with women as well and I can’t be out their ripping ass the entire session. Thanks for the feedback brotha

    • ELIXIR MRE is a bit pricey, that’s why it didn’t rank higher on our list. However, if you can afford it you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the feedback Michael.

  2. I have already been using Healthy N Fit egg white protein powder as per a previous recommendation of yours. The stuuf does in fact digest very easily and mixes well with both milk & water.
    I just ordered Hemp Force as well, this stuff looks awesome! I’ll ldrop a line when it comes in and give my review.

    • Right on Brent, great to see hear from you!

      The Healthy N Fit is my favorite brand for egg white protein!Just FYI the Healthy N Fit Meal Replacement and the protein that you are likely referring too are similar but completely different products.
      If you enjoy the taste/feel of Healthy N Fit you’re going to LOVE Hemp Force! I’m not kidding, I’m drinking some right now – it’s awesome!

  3. I am looking for an organic or at least all natural meal replacement shake. I just turned 50 and need to lose a few pounds and build back some muscle. I am new to trying to eat “clean”, so I am also looking for something that tastes good to. What do you know about the multi level marketing products like Shaklee, Isagenix, IDLife etc? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks,

  4. I have a lot of trouble figuring out what to eat and eating healthy. I would like to find a meal replacement that I can use instead of making meals. Which one do you recommend using if not getting nutrients from anywhere else?


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