Understanding Supplements-BCAA’s

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  1. Getting your dose of good vitamins is one of the key factors to living a healthy life and achieving your fitness goals. For me, branched chain amino acids have always proven to be extremely beneficial and effective

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  3. “Generally, after a session of resistance training the body is in a catabolic (the breaking down of muscle tissue) state, with a protein synthesis deficit. This is because post exercise the MAPK signaling pathway (the body’s own way to signal muscle growth) is activated. While this is a pathway that will increase protein synthesis, it is not as effective as when combined with the BCAA signaling cascade.” Uh oh somebody went to college lol

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    • I appreciate your kind words Donielle! And I have the same feeling 😉

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  8. Thanks Omar, I must say I have been around the block but I learn something new pertaining to fitness each and everyday.


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